5 Keys to Effective Fake Rock Construction by Dave Henderson

5 Keys to Effective Fake Rock Construction

5 Keys to Effective Fake Rock Construction


This FREE PDF download shows the 5 keys of effective fake rock construction and why they are important.  Taken from the soon to be released Makin' Rocks book by David Robert Henderson.  Please let me know of any thoughts or questions you have in regard to this content.  Thanks!  I really appreciate it.  :)

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I'm Dave Henderson! For over 34 years, I've made a wonderful living for myself and family of four creating world-class water features using real and faux rock in sunny San Diego as well as professional sand sculptures all around the world. And now I'm taking what I've learned about starting successful businesses, contracting, sculpture, water feature construction, and more, and sharing it with the world. It's my mission to help people like you enjoy more success both in your business and in your personal life.